What is a Smart Cylinder?


The patented BOBALEE Smart Cylinder design refers to our integration of a unique linear position sensing device within the cylinder that provides an analog output signal of the cylinder's position. When coupled with an output controller and a PLC or other device, the cylinder’s position can be determined anywhere within its full range of stroke. What this translates to is programmable control of your product providing accurate positioning, consistent movement and monitoring capabilities.

In the mobile market, BOBALEE Hydraulics' Smart Cylinder provides a design that’s so unique it has received patented status. It is offered exclusively by BOBALEE.

Developed concurrently with GOMACO Corporation, our parent company, the patented BOBALEE Smart Cylinder has been an integral part of their state of the art technology for track guidance and dowel bar placement on their line of concrete paving equipment. Since 1997, the Smart Cylinder has been field proven in this rigorous environment. Buried deep within the cylinder design, the sensing device is protected from damage and noise interference – a distinct advantage over competitive alternatives placed outside the cylinder.

We’re excited to share all the advantages of our patented Smart technology with your company. Please contact us to find out more about the distinctly unique features placing this product and our company ahead of the rest.